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Drivers for 32-Bit and 64-Bit Platforms : The Oracle Driver

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The Oracle Driver

The DataDirect Connect for ODBC and DataDirect Connect64 for ODBC Oracle driver (the Oracle driver) each support the following Oracle database servers when using the appropriate client software:
*Oracle 12c R1 (12.1)
*Oracle 11g R1, R2 (11.1, 11.2)
*Oracle 10g R1, R2 (10.1, 10.2)
*Oracle 9i R1, R2 (9.0.1, 9.2)
*Oracle 8i R3 (8.1.7)
The Oracle driver is supported in the Windows, UNIX, and Linux environments. See Environment-Specific Information for detailed information about the environments supported by this driver.
Refer to the readme file shipped with your DataDirect Connect product for the file name of the Oracle driver.
Note: The Oracle driver requires Oracle client software. Progress DataDirect also provides an Oracle driver that does not require any client software to access Oracle databases.
See The Oracle Wire Protocol Driver for details.
* Driver Requirements
* Configuring and Connecting to Data Sources
* Connection Option Descriptions
* Performance Considerations
* Data Types
* Unicode Support
* Advanced Features
* Unexpected Characters
* MTS Support
* OS Authentication
* Support for Oracle RAC
* Support of Materialized Views
* Stored Procedure Results
* Persisting a Result Set as an XML Data File
* Isolation and Lock Levels Supported
* SQL Support
* ODBC Conformance Level
* Number of Connections and Statements Supported
* Using Arrays of Parameters