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Setting up to implement an IP

Setting up to implement an IP

This chapter explains how to set up the development environment to implement your IP in .NET (C#, VB#, or Managed C++). Follow this procedure to set up source code, Visual Studio project file, schema, and OpenAccess SDK Service for your IP.
To implement a new IP, you must set up the required source files and build project for your IP to allow you to compile and create a .NET class file. The IP module is loaded by the OpenAccess SDK SQL Engine, which is dynamically loaded by the OpenAccess SDK Server for the client/server version or by the OpenAccess SDK Local Server for the local version. The OpenAccess SDK includes .NET files and templates necessary to build your IP.
The architecture of an OpenAccess SDK client/server configuration is shown in the following figure. The OpenAccess Clients implement the ODBC, JDBC, ADO, or .NET API and contain the client/server communications layer for interacting with the OpenAccess SDK Server.
Common client/server graphic
Setting up to develop a new IP is a three step process:
1. Set up the source and schema files for your IP to allow the IP module to be built
2. Configure an OpenAccess SDK service for your data source using the OpenAccess SDK Manager.
3. Perform a test connection to your data source from an OpenAccess SDK client.
Each of these steps is explained in detail next.